About Us

Established in 1991, Hong Kong Dai-Ichi Madam Fur Ltd is mainly engaged in the professional design, production and sales of luxury furs and high-end fashion.

“Dai-Ichi Madam” and “Ahimsa” have long been our famous brands at home and abroad, with products available across China. There is a significant growth in our specialty and franchised shops. Since 1991, Dai-Ichi Madam Fur has opened more than 10 specialty shops and over 100 franchised shops in Mainland China. Our franchise presence is well-known in such cities as Beijing, Ha’erbin, Shenyang, Chang Chun and Daqing. The products are also sold to a number of European, American and Asian countries, such as the U.S., Russia, Japan and South Korea.

Dai-Ichi Madam Fur sources top-notched raw materials supplied by renowned businesses in the U.S. and Scandinavia. The products are exquisitely designed by Italian master and respectable designers from Hong Kong, perfectly blending the primitivity of furs with modern touch.

“Dai-Ichi Madam” collections showcase European craftsmanship as well as eastern and western feminine style. Such grace and glamour give wearers a feel of confidence and elegance. “Ahimsa” is sought after by young people who love its energetic, fabulous and bold nature.

Dai-Ichi Madam Fur sets industry trends in China with an innovative marketing sense and adherence to chic, dainty style.

Looking ahead, “Dai-Ichi Madam” will remain people-oriented, technology-based and quality-focused in search of opportunities. It will aspire to create more apparel brands with even greater global presence.